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M.E.L. Aruba

The M.E.L. Aruba Foundation, founded on 9 September 1999, is the official partner, authorized representative with 2 licensed instructors of the authentic Human and Universal Energy® teaching in Aruba.

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Dedicated to the Founder

Mr. Luong Minh Dang

In the world, chosen people have realized you and your mission. Some came to support you. More than your teaching, your own life has taught us a lot. I thank you, for allowing me, to take your mission to India.

All the students who have learnt, and yet to learn, we will join our hands together and bow our head to you and say “A big thanks” to you. trusting your continued support and guidance. I remain with the grateful heart. 

M.E.L. Aruba

Director: Ms. Belquis Moreu

Stichting Spiritual Human Yoga Aruba/ MEL Aruba

Sero Lopez 11-D
Paradera – ARUBA

Telephone: +297-588-9920 / WhatsApp: +297-563-3716