HUE Specialized Levels

The levels consist of three parts: Oriental Philosophy, Applying Spiritual Science I and Applying Spiritual Science II
Class Levels 16, 17 & 18

06-HUE Oriental Philosophy

This Level is an introduction for you to learn how to transform your body into an energy body. Also, in this course you are introduced to the difference between transferring energy and merging. We elaborate more on topics such as psychology and spirituality, life and death, about God-humans, how to connect to receive Divine guidance and how to live according to God’s will. Students learn an advanced technique of meditation and concentration so they can begin to merge to help others around the world. At this level you also learn special techniques on how to energize water for healing purposes.

Requirements: you must have completed the 05-HUE Advanced Level II in order to be admitted to the 06-HUE Oriental Philosophy level.

Class Level 19

07-HUE Applying Spiritual Science I

Level 19 is a course where you learn the effects of consciousness on the physical body. Moreover, emphasis is placed on the importance of the “True Self” and the “True Love”. In other words, you learn more about the “Love 101”. This is the way to love all of humanity in a practical way. You learn what is the ego and how to transform the different levels of frequencies in the ego. Students continue to learn how to develop their abilities to merge to help others for healing.

Requirements: you must have completed the 06-HUE Oriental Philosophy in order to participate in this course.

Class Level 20

08-HUE Applying Spiritual Science II

This level teaches you how to completely transform your body into an energy body so it can help you to have the opportunity of merging into yourself and into everything without any limits. In this level, you can make use of the Divine energy to solve deadlocks on earth. You make use of a special technique to help your body to eliminate all toxins at an energy level that are hidden deeply within. This level is effective and efficient depending on your application, your practice, and your level of understanding of the Human Universal Energy® philosophy. In the H.U.E. school, it is important to remark that it is not the level that gives you the capacity and ability, but ultimately, it’s your personal effort and cultivation of the frequency that gives you these qualities.

Requirements: you must have completed all the requirements of all the previous levels in order to be eligible for the seminar of 08-HUE Applying Spiritual Science II.

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