Basic Level (L1-3, 4, 5)

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Trung Luong

“It was the sincere wish of the founder of this School, Master Luong Minh Dang, that each one of us will strive to apply these techniques and teachings to our daily life, for ourselves, our family, and the people around us, thus contributing to help humankind as a whole.”

This 01-HUE Basic Level is an introduction to the Human-Universal Energy philosophy and how to apply it in daily life. The reason Human-Universal Energy exists today is to ease the suffering of people in order to create a harmonious society in the future.

The 01-HUE Basic Level deepens your understanding of the intimate and vital connection between our soul and body. It will help you to understand and use this connection based on the following:

  • The nervous system and the 7 Chakra's (energy centers)
  • Breathing Exercise (HUE Meditation)
  • Detecting Energy Needs ("Pulse Reading technique")
  • Blood Purification Method
  • Energy Transfer techniques

Meditation is actually only a method that helps everybody to progress along the main path that people call the TRUTHFUL PATH, which leads […] to the level of SELF-AWAKENING.” – Mr. Luong Minh Dang

With the 01-HUE Basic Level you will gain the ability to harness energy and transmit it to others for the sole purpose of healing and self-cultivation. This self-cultivation is a mental and spiritual progress to the level of complete awakening or great enlightenment with superior intelligence.


There are no prerequisites for this course. 

Suggested Reading(s)

As a preparation for the 01-HUE Basic Level, it is suggested to read the following book(s) that introduce you to the topics of e.g. spirituality, universal energy, frequencies of our thoughts, meditation and stress. These books are available in paperback or e-book format:

HUE Faculty, Inc. Improve Your Life with a Calm Mind. (2nd ed). 2015.

HUE Faculty, Inc. Learn to Fail Successfully. (1st ed). 2015.

Practice, Study and Apply

The successful application of the 01-HUE Basic Level has 3 requirements:

  1. Train your body to receive Human-Universal Energy.
  2. Maintain Human-Universal Energy within the body.
  3. Use and recreate the existing Human-Universal Energy within.

You can reinforce your daily practice and application of the Human-Universal Energy method by using the following:

Daily Application of your Techniques

Student Accomplishment Checklist

Success Journal


Next level

After completing this course and you feel the necessity to continue your spiritual development to help and love humanity, we suggest you activate the use of your Chakra 6 by enrolling in the next level of 02-HUE Intermediate Level I. This level enables you to use your Chakra 6 to help without any restraints. 

Check out our calendar for our scheduled courses.

Please, practice and apply this level so you have the energy strength to help others. 


Audit the 01-HUE Basic Level at least once during your spiritual development.