Admission to the HUE School


Details about the admissions process

At the HUE FACULTY®, there are four different admissions processes for new students to the HUE program, continuing students, students who want to audit a course and additional participation in any of the HUE development courses.

You can check our calendar of events for the scheduled HUE levels and development courses. Should you wish to organize a course for a private group or for individual participation, you can contact us directly to organize an event according to your needs.

New students

New student applicants are those students who are registering for the first time with the HUE FACULTY®.

You can apply for a scheduled 01-HUE Basic Level course at a specific date that you want to attend. Fill out the attached application form for new students, and then complete your payment. Once your payment has been processed and you have been placed in the course, you will receive the necessary materials by postal mail.

Continuing students

Continuing students are those who have already completed at least the 01-HUE Basic Level and have shown interest in continuing to study in subsequent levels of the HUE program.

As a continuing student, you have the opportunity to complete the next level course as indicated by the requirements of each course. Fill out the registration form of the specific level you want to continue and make all the necessary payments. Once your payment has been processed and you have been placed in the course, you will receive the necessary materials by postal mail.

Auditing students

All current students enrolled in the HUE program are eligible to become an auditor of their current HUE level or lower, and the HUE development courses already completed.

However, you must first apply for permission to audit a scheduled course. Apply online and send a proof that you have already completed the course you want to repeat. Fill out the attached registration form and complete the payment. Once your payment has been processed, you will be placed in the course. You will not receive any new course materials to audit.

Additional admission to HUE development courses

The HUE FACULTY® offers development courses for all HUE students who want to deepen their understanding in specific topics related to their current level in the HUE program.

Upon registration, you must provide proof of eligibility to participate in the specific course you are interested in. You fill out the registration form and make the necessary payments. Once your payment has been processed, you will receive the necessary course materials via email and/or by mail.

The Application Process


Start online submission

Choose the specific course you want to participate in and click on “enroll now” to start your online application.


Submit the form

Once you have filled all the details, submit the online form to HUE FACULTY®.


Review the submission

HUE staff will review your submission and notify you upon positive admission.

Tuition & Billing Information

Fees for the HUE levels and development courses are only applicable for the United States. If you live outside the US and want to register for a specific course, please contact us.

Payment Methods:

  • International Payments (Foreign Credit/Debit Cards): payment of tuition is possible through PayPal by using a foreign credit or debit card.
  • International Payments (Wire Transfer): should you prefer to make a bank wire transfer, please contact us directly to receive all the details. Please note that with bank wire transfers, your bank may charge you additional costs. Your registration is not considered complete without full payment of the course fee.

Course fees

HUE Courses Course Fees (in USD) Duration (minimum)
01-HUE The Method and Practice of HUE please contact us 3 days
02-HUE Level 6 please contact us 3 days
03-HUE Level 7 and 7 Special please contact us 3 days
04-HUE Development of the Human Latent Abilities please contact us 3 days
05-HUE The Brain of the Primordial Man please contact us 3 days
06-HUE Oriental Philosophy please contact us 4 days
07-HUE Applying Spiritual Science I please contact us 4 days
08-HUE Applying Spiritual Science II please contact us 5 days

Special Tuition Requests

(Applicable only for the 01-HUE course)

If you are a Clergy, a senior citizen of 75 years or older, or a current high school student (14-18 years), you are eligible for a special tuition fee for the 01-HUE course. Please, send us a valid photo ID or proof of high school enrollment to our e-mail for further processing.