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By enrolling into the HUE program, you will learn the Universal Energy philosophy to live the spiritual and the material life simultaneously in order to impact both aspects with calmness and success.

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"Mankind Enlightenment Love"

“To solve all those puzzles, queries, we need to review all the past UE lessons, from basic UE lessons to advanced UE lessons; actually from the most basic UE lessons, Master Dang had taught us a brand new branch of spiritual study comparing to any branch of past and existing teachings, the popular term Master Dang used to say is “not in any book of human societies”, a study of metaphysical spirituality going beyond all scopes of science, physics we have known, a branch of study in a profound and subtle area, not debatable and not questionable.

We only need to learn, to practice and reap the results, no need for questioning, no need for reasoning, no need for any proof; the first lesson is also the most fundamental one of the UE School, that is the lesson of “Meditation”, a way to eliminate all ideas, all notions in our head, a step further is to remove all the bindings of custom, habit, of past and present human societies; if we do not understand thoroughly this basic lesson, we could not learn UE.”

Oriental Philosophy Seminar, 2005

Our Purpose
Spiritual Development

Why Choose the H.U.E. Method?

“To say ‘Mankind-Enlightenment-Love’ is to mention about the philosophy principles, about the meaning of the H.U.E. applications in serving human life, society and evolution of all species. For easy to understand, if humanity has Enlightenment, then it will fully receive HIS love in order to continue to develop, advance and evolve to newer, subtle horizons that never existed from the past until now. But to say in a reverse order of ‘Love-Enlightenment-Mankind’ is to mention about the path of development, or the steps of H.U.E. School to serve humanity.” (quote by Master Dang from the Mekong Article, published in 2007)

Love Enlightenment Mankind

Love is the most essential subject in the Spiritual Philosophy of M.E.L. “Mankind-Enlightenment-Love”.  It is essential, useful and most practical to all the students, regardless of their levels. Without Love, we cannot come to learn the Spiritual Philosophy of M.E.L.

Enlightenment is a high but realistic state of spirituality. People have the ability to do research and learn about the power of Enlightenment. 

Mankind: the Spiritual Philosophy of M.E.L. is established and developed according to the Divine Will and the power of the Deities for the service of mankind which includes all the people in the world without discrimination against any country, race, color, language, tradition, culture, religion, etc. 

(quoted from Happiness-Luck published in 2005 by Master Dang)

What is Meditation?

“For students at the lower levels, from a mental factor, you only need to eliminate all the distraction and it will be sufficient for your body to receive Spiritual Energy. For students at higher levels, without distraction they can communicate with God.” (quoted from Wisdom-Enlightenment by Master Dang, published in 2005)

The Principle of Self-Control

“To acquire self-control, we have to use our imagination, which largely directs us in our daily lives.
To be in a positive frame of mind and have a source of abundant warmth at one’s disposal, one must practice to control one’s thoughts. If we try to sit down calmly, close our eyes, and think about nothing, we soon realize how difficult it is since our train of thought is always on the move. The ancients used to say, ‘Resting soul yet galloping thoughts’ to describe the process of our thinking. All great people demonstrate highly developed self-control by which they are able to do what ordinary people cannot.” (quote by Master Dang from the Level 3 Philosophy published in 2018)