Legal Info

Terms & Conditions

For participation in the HUE Seminar or Events

Conditions of Participation

We only accept applications with all the required information and duly signed which may be submitted via email. Applications will be considered in the order they are received, once payment is received, a confirmation that it has been processed will be sent to you by email, or a phone call will be made to you to confirm your participation in the event. Any application may be canceled up to fifteen (15) days before the date scheduled for the HUE FACULTY® Seminar or Event, in which case we will return the cost of event’s fee less a cancellation fee of 30% of the amount. The amount of the event’s fee will not be refunded if cancellation occurs within fifteen (15) days before the date fixed for the event if the person retires early or does not attend the course.

The techniques, methods, and content of the HUE FACULTY® Seminar or Event cannot replace the advice of a medical professional i.e. a doctor, psychiatrist, psychologist, nurse, or pharmacist, etc. and are not intended as a substitute for consultation with any health professional. All matters relating to health require medical supervision. The techniques, methods, and contents available of the HUE FACULTY® Seminar or Event should not be interpreted as an attempt to offer or give medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment, or as a way of pretending to engage in the practice of medicine. Participation in this event does not offer the opportunity to receive a medical diagnosis or treatment of any physical or psychological condition. HUE Faculty Inc., its Legitimate Partners, and their authorized HUE Facilitator(s) and guest speakers assume no responsibility or liability for damages resulting from negligence, use or misuse of the techniques, methods, and content described in this event; participants set aside the qualified advice of certified doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists or any health professional; the results of participation in the event, the energy transfers by participants or the outcome of such energy transfers. The information contained in this event is aimed at interested individuals and is provided for educational purposes and not as therapy or training for diagnosis in the medical sense.

The participant or her/his representative expressly agrees that HUE FACULTY Inc. is the absolute owner of the HUE FACULTY® Seminar or Event content. The event may be recorded on video or audio formats and photographs may be taken. Participants, or third parties, are not authorized to do any audio/video recording. HUE FACULTY, Inc. and its Legitimate Partners have the consent of the participant or their representative to use and publish pictures, videos, audio, interviews, and other means of communication or publication, within which the image or voice of the participant may appear. The participant agrees not to receive payment or compensation of any kind for such use and waives the right to make any pecuniary claim or any other means including legal or judicial to HUE FACULTY, Inc. or any Legitimate Partner. The participant irrevocably authorizes HUE FACULTY, Inc. and its Legitimate Partners to alter, modify, copy, display, publish or distribute the media for marketing, or any other lawful purpose. The participant waives the right to inspect or approve the finished product, including a written or electronic copy in which her/his image or voice is displayed, and also waives any right to royalties or compensation arising or related to the use of such publication. Therefore the participant with her/his signature disclaims any claims, demands, and causes of action that she/he or her/his representatives, executors, administrators, or anyone acting on her/his behalf or behalf of her/his state has or may have under such authorization.

We collect personal information to provide the best services and products available. By maintaining an accurate database of the participants, we can send notifications to keep you informed and to provide updates and notices. We are committed to protecting participant’s privacy. Under no circumstances we will rent or sell your personal information, nor will it be subject to trade or exchange in mailing lists with any other person or organization. It may only be shared with contractors who assist us in our efforts to serve you. We may disclose your personal information, or any other information that we receive during our interactions with you when we believe disclosure is (a) required by law, (b) necessary to protect the rights, property or safety of our company or their employees, customers, or others or/and (c) is necessary to comply with a legal request, court order or legal process served on us. We may share some or all of your personal information with a parent company, subsidiaries, joint ventures, or other companies under common control.

For Minors

The participant declares that she/he is more than twenty-one (21) years old, to be competent to contract in her/his name, that she/he has read this application before signing it and expressly know its contents, meaning and impact. The participant certifies that by signing this application she/he accepts the content, payment, and terms of participation in the HUE FACULTY® Seminar or Event described. If the participant is under twenty-one (21) years old, she/he requires the consent of a parent or guardian for which the parent or guardian must complete the following information and sign it.