HUE Development Training

Just like Master Dang did in the past, organizing the Boomhoek Retreat and the Tiel Seminar, we are continuing his legacy by creating and implementing supplemental training courses to assist the HUE Students with the deeper understanding of the HUE Philosophy.

About the HUE Training courses

These training courses consists of excerpts of Master Dang’s teaching throughout the various levels, which are then presented in book format for further research, understanding and implementation of specific HUE Topics. The HUE Development courses are presented in the formats of workshops, group retreats, conferences, symposiums, travel experiences, and much more.

*Note: the HUE Development Training courses are exclusively for students who have already completed at least the 01-HUE Basic Level. Please, consult with the course details for further course requirements and eligibility. 

Do I Qualify?

The HUE Development training courses are specially if you want to go deeper into a specific of Master Dang’s teaching. This is the way to discuss and learn with like-minded people.

Enroll in a Training Course!

The duration of these courses are usually 2 to 3 days of discussing, sharing and implementing the teaching of the Master in our daily lives. This way, we are fulfilling our mission of loving and helping humanity. Click here.

Training formats

Seminar and Workshops:

This category includes the HUE As A Process seminar, the HUE Application Meeting, the Red Notebook series, and The Power Within seminar.

Conference and Symposiums:

This category includes the Level 20 Conference, a Symposium for All Levels, the HUE Conference for all levels.

Retreats and Travel Experiences:

This category includes: the Roots of the Master Experience in Saint Louis, Missouri and the HUE Level 20 Retreat.

The Learning Experience

During these training sessions you create a bond and connection with other students in order to share and improve who you are as an HUE Practitioner. 

You always listen to your own heart and always pay attention to see which one it follows…the good or the bad.

Mr. Luong Minh DangFounder