Level 2: Intermediate

This level consists of 2 courses: 02-HUE and 03-HUE.

02-HUE Level 6 Seminar

Modules 5.1-5.2, and 6.

After you complete these 2 courses, you learn how to transfer energy on a distance without having to lay your hands on a person’s body to transfer energy. You learn, by using the special instruments in these levels, the techniques of concentration and perception, which gives you the ability to start using the energy transfers on a distance. You are able to improve the well-being of a person or situation for the whole world. Moreover, you receive information about the spiritual history of this teaching.

Requirements: you must complete the 01-HUE course in order to be eligible for the 02-HUE Level 6 Seminar course.

03-HUE Level 7 and 7 Special

Modules 7 and 7+

During this course, you learn by using the special instruments in this level, the techniques of concentration, and a Special Prayer to create calmness of mind. You receive a higher Divine energy frequency in order to perform effective and efficient energy transfers to help both the material and the spiritual world in parallel. Energy transfers are performed on a distance to improve the well-being at a worldwide level. Additionally, you will get more philosophical understanding of spirituality according to the HUE teaching.

Requirements: you are eligible to participate in the 03-HUE course after you complete the 02-HUE Level 6 Seminar.