Level 1: Basic

This level consists of only the 01-HUE course.

01-HUE The Method and Practice of HUE

Modules 1-3, 4, and 5

During this course, you will learn about the functions and centralized locations of the primary energy centers (chakras) situated in your body. You will also learn a basic meditation exercise. All the concepts shared during this course are used as a way of explaining what Human Universal Energy® is and help you become aware of the subtle effects of this Human Universal Energy® on your well-being. After the alignment of your chakras, you will have the ability to generate Human Universal Energy®, combine and maintain energy in your body and transfer bio-electric energy using your hands for improvement of the physical well-being as well as the mental, emotional and spiritual well-being of yourself and others. These very basic concepts taught can easily be integrated into your daily life. This will help you to stabilize and recover the state of balance of your body and soul, helping you to be healthy, happy and develop spiritually.

Note: in order to participate in all the courses of the HUE Program and all other HUE events, you must complete the 01-HUE course.

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