HUE Coaching

The HUE Coaching is for all HUE Students who have already graduated from the 01-HUE course up until the 08-HUE course. This program is specifically designed for students who want to revisit their application techniques and reinforce their clearing techniques (to eliminate thoughts) of their current level. This is done individually so that the students can apply their techniques effectively and efficiently. The main benefit is for you to have a clear and positive mindset so you can use the spiritual energy to have results.

About the program

The HUE Coaching program has been created with the goal to help HUE Students who want to pick up their practice again after a very long time, and to those students who want to recover their capacity and abilities of their last HUE Level completed. If you are currently active, you can also use this coaching to know your techniques and apply your current level correctly.

The program is on an individual basis, with scheduled appointments. The duration of the HUE Coaching program is 3 regular sessions, and 1 follow up session (2 months after completion of the coaching program). The total amount of sessions is scheduled according to the students’ needs.

The aim of this Coaching program is to help the student to apply the techniques of his/her current level correctly in order to change and improve their life situations right now and feel joy, peace and prosperity. Additionally, this program adequately prepares students to continue developing in the Human Universal Energy training program by taking the next HUE Level* they are eligible for. 

*Note: students who participate in the HUE Coaching program receive a reduction rate of 25% when registering for their next seminar. This rate can only be applied once.

Do I Qualify?

It is recommended to join this program if you feel the following: you are tired, you have insomnia, you are stressed out, you have a lack of energy, you forgot how to apply your HUE Techniques, you don’t remember how to practice the meditation, you have too many negative thoughts or outlook towards life.

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Your results after finishing the HUE Coaching program include, but are not limited to: you are stress-free, you have better quality of sleep, you feel energized and are full of vitality, you have positive results because you apply your techniques efficiently, you are able to practice your meditation, you have an abundant flow of positive thoughts and you have a positive outlook towards life. 

Outline of the HUECoaching Program

First Session:

In the first session of the program, the student receives an energy transfer for re-adjustment. Afterwards, the rest of the session is spent on applying the student’s level-specific clearing technique to erase all the worries, too much thinking, anxiety and fear. The benefit is to reach the state of having a calm mind.

Second Session:

In this session, the student will revisit his/her meditation practice, the individual healing techniques, the collective healing techniques. The student will also be guided on his/her daily practice routine for optimal application of his/her specific HUE level.

Third Session:

This session is dedicated to a follow up of the prior 2 sessions in the HUE Coaching program. This also includes any questions the student may still have regarding the study, practice and application of his/her HUE Level.

The Meditative State

Meditation is not only for a specific time, but meditation is about living in the meditative state. Keep and use, so you can achieve this state of Wisdom-Enlightenment. 

To cultivate your spiritual path, the best way to learn is to BE SILENT.

Mr. Luong Minh DangFounder