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Retreats are organized for you to be able to practice, study and apply with likeminded students so you can become a better practitioner. These retreats are planned once a year. The country and location will be announced every year so you can plan accordingly.


These conferences are organized every two to three years so you can meet and study together the teachings of the Master with students of different regions. This is a great opportunity to meet students of different countries so you can share and learn together. The responsible country that will be assigned to organize will announce in advance so you can plan accordingly.

Roots of the Master experience

This is organized in St. Louis. You will visit the first home where Master lived when he arrived in the USA in 1985. Also, the home where he started healing. The first, second and third office. You will visit the altar and meditate where Master used to live. You will eat a delicious Pho soup in the restaurant where the first office of the Master was. This is combined with the Roots of the Master course.

Study groups

These are organized for the different levels so you can understand and practice effectively and efficiently. When a study takes place, we study the transcripts of the different levels that Master taught during the years. The schedule of these studies is announced in the Agenda of the month.

Group Meditations

These meditations are scheduled so we can hold hands together and use our techniques of the different levels to meditate and send energy together. This is something Master wanted since the first time he taught the level 5.1 in 1995, in Geneva, Switzerland.

Big Antenna Inaugurations

Big Antenna inaugurations are initiated to spread the positive energy in a country or an entire region so it can help and assist the people in the area where it is inaugurated. The very first Big Antenna model that Master Dang inaugurated was in Vietnam, when he was still alive. 

Photo credits: Big Antenna inauguration in India