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This lecture is based on the Basic Level (previously level 3 with chakra opening 100%) taught for the fourth time by Master Luong Minh Dang from Sunday, November 25 to Saturday, December 1 of 1990 in Saint Louis Missouri.

The red notebook is a writing containing crucial information on the HUE Teaching in the spiritual aspect as well as the material aspect. You will gain insight on how spirituality impacts your daily life and how it combines with science. Cultivating love and compassion through sharing of excerpts that Master Luong Minh Dang left behind in the Vietnamese language is one of the main objectives. These excerpts will be read in the original language to transmit the energy and wisdom from the authentic teaching and then translated into English. In this way we can learn more about the various concepts the Master wanted us to understand since the beginning of the HUE School.

In the Red Notebook lecture series, students from all HUE levels are welcome to participate. 

Happiness or suffering is you.” — Mr. Luong Ming Dang (The Red Notebook, 1990).


In order to be eligible to participate, you must have already completed the following courses and seminars:
01-HUE course or higher


The Red Notebook series are recommended to all HUE students, especially students who have already completed the 01-HUE course.