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Trung Luong

This travel course is a condensed version of the 01-ROTM and 02-ROTM, which includes visiting the various locations where Master Dang started giving energy and teaching, his past family residences from when he first arrived in Saint Louis, Missouri.

This course is open to all HUE Students interested in learning and exploring the roots of the Master. Focusing on experiential learning, students will receive an ample tour of Master Dang’s life in Saint Louis. Visit will be made to the Master’s previous family residences for you to experience, the first offices of the HUE school, and the special places in Saint Louis which he loved to go to. Additionally, students receive a detailed experience of the Vietnamese culinary treats, which made a huge part of the Master’s life. This course includes a lecture and group meditations.

“Stop thinking and put the vision into practice.” quoted from the first Basic Level in 1990 by Master Dang


In order to be eligible to participate, you must have already completed the following courses and seminars:
the 01-HUE course (Level 1 or higher).


This travel course is recommended, consisting of a lecture and field trips to various locations in Saint Louis, Missouri USA. This experience will heighten your understanding of the lifestyle and the philosophy of the HUE Teaching.