Advanced Level I (Latent Abilities 11, 12, 13)

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Trung Luong

“You come to the class so I can remind you and teach you so your spirit can listen to help the physical body to complete the mission; the mission of the body and the spirit, it is from God who sent you.”

The Advanced Levels consist of two parts, Advanced Level I and Advanced Level II. in this first part, the 04-HUE Advanced Level I, you will learn to use the visualization technique initially and afterwards you learn more on the use of the energy transfers according to this level. These are the frequencies that you will generate and use to transform and heal the world, humanity, and all living species. 

Furthermore, you will learn about the following:

  • Visualization technique according to this level
  • Energy Transfers according to this Level
  • Collective Energy Transfers
  • Transform environmental conditions
  • Use of the Sun-Image

My mission and your mission is to learn to practice, as we have been chosen by the Deities to help Humanity with our work.” – Mr. Luong Minh Dang

The main benefit you gain from taking this course is that you can shine the new light of God’s love as we receive and send to all mankind. Your effective application of these two levels of the Latent Abilities seminars would meet the needs to help your country, your place of residence and other countries that are connected to you by fate.


In order to participate in this course, you are required to have already completed the following courses and seminars:
03-HUE Intermediate Level II

03-PRS C6 Application Meeting

Suggested Reading(s)

As a recommendation for the 04-HUE Advanced Level I, it is suggested to read the following book(s) that introduce you to the topics of e.g. spirituality, universal energy, frequencies of our thoughts, meditation and stress. These books are available in paperback and hardcover format. You can order them after you apply for this course.

HUE Faculty, Inc. Wisdom-Enlightenment. (2nd ed). 2021.

HUE Faculty, Inc. Latent Abilities I & II from 2002. (2nd ed). 2020.

HUE Faculty, Inc. Level 13 Transcript 2003. (2nd ed). 2020.

Practice, Study and Apply

The successful application of the 04-HUE Advanced Level I has a minimum of 3 requirements:

  1. Practice by receive and sending the energy continuously.
  2. Perform the Breathing Protocol at least once a day.
  3. Read the material provided in the book of the Latent Abilities and Level 13 Seminar.

You can reinforce your daily practice and application of the Human-Universal Energy method by using the following:

Daily Application of your Techniques

Student Accomplishment Checklist

Success Journal


Next level

After completing this course and you feel the necessity to continue your spiritual development to help and love humanity, we suggest you to continue the development and activation of the pineal and pituitary glands by enrolling in the next level of 05-HUE Advanced II. This level enables you to start using the light of God’s love. 

Check out our calendar for our scheduled courses.

Please, practice and apply this level so you have the energy strength to help others. 


Audit the 04-HUE Advanced Level I at least once during your spiritual development.