Advanced Level II (L13+, 13++)

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Trung Luong

“The victory over ourselves would be the victory over everything. Here it is the victory over this soul [soulcells]. This is not the victory in which we win and they lose, but the victory is achieved in a way to help them to be in harmony with our soul as one. We will have everything.”

The Advanced Levels consist of two parts, 04-HUE Advanced Level I and 05-HUE Advanced Level II. in this second part, the 05-HUE Advanced Level II, you learn how to use the techniques of transferring energy according to this level. These techniques are so you can practice and apply and through your practice and applications you will see the results that would be beyond your imagination of the human society.

You also learn more about the following: 

  • Breathing Protocol according to this level
  • Learn to control the soulcells in your body
  • Improving your workplace
  • Practice spiritual unification
  • Clearing out negative thoughts
  • Create the Light of Joy

Mankind is suffering. People are suffering. All the living creatures are suffering. And you want to sit and enjoy yourself. Can you handle it?” – Mr. Luong Minh Dang

In this level God gives us this special and marvelous ability to transform our brain to the Brain with special abilities. This is in order for you to learn to solve all the difficult problems. You are prepared in our HUE School to completely contribute and help mankind in the decade of the 21st century. 


In order to participate in this course, you are required to have already completed the following courses and seminars:
04-HUE Advanced Level I

Additionally, you are highly suggested to enroll in the 05-PRS Advanced Contemplation Seminar,  available prior to your scheduled 05-HUE Advanced Level II course.

Suggested Reading(s)

As a recommendation for the 05-HUE Advanced Level II, it is suggested to read the following book(s) that introduce you to the topics of e.g. spirituality, universal energy, frequencies of our thoughts, meditation and stress. These books are available in paperback format. You can order them after you apply for this course.

HUE Faculty, Inc. Wisdom-Enlightenment. (2nd ed). 2020.

HUE Faculty, Inc. Happiness-Luck. (2nd ed). 2020.

Practice, Study and Apply

The successful application of the 05-HUE Advanced Level II has a minimum of 3 requirements:

  1. Practice everyday to convince the souls of the cells.
  2. Practice your meditation of receive and send the light of God’s love continuously.
  3. Create the Light of Joy for you and others.

You can reinforce your daily practice and application of the Human-Universal Energy method by using the following:

Daily Application of your Techniques

Student Accomplishment Checklist

Success Journal


Next level

After completing this course and you feel the necessity to continue your spiritual development to help and love humanity, we suggest you to continue the development and activation of the pineal and pituitary glands by enrolling in the next level of 06-HUE Oriental Philosophy. This level enables you to study more about the Oriental philosophy so can learn and evolve. 

Check out our calendar for our scheduled courses.

Please, practice and apply this level so you have the energy strength to help others. 


Audit the 05-HUE Advanced Level II at least once during your spiritual development.