Specialized Level 2: Applying Spiritual Science I (L19)

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Trung Luong

“Master Dang has planned for the Sixth Continent, but in fact, the Sixth Continent means the newest Human Race combined with the other human races from the past, combined with the 5th Human race and we are changing in to a new human. The change in the new human is so that we will be sufficient to help, to protect the earth and to prolong the life span without any problem. A civilization with Wisdom-Enlightenment.”

The Specialized Levels consist of three parts, Oriental Philosophy, Applying Spiritual Science I and Applying Spiritual Science II. The second part in this series, the 07-HUE Applying Spiritual Science I, you will learn how to go out into the infinite space so you can combine to transform all frequencies from low to high. 

Additionally, you will understand more about the following:

  • Practice going out into the infinite space
  • Clear distractions during your practice
  • Increase your capacity of merging
  • Keeping your ego under control
  • Prepare the UE Water & UE Remedy

You only need the condition that you have a clear mind in order to help humanity otherwise you need to learn, because when you are low and you try to be high, you are not able to do anything, and you are the dumbest.” – Mr. Luong Minh Dang

The main benefit of this level is that you will have Wisdom-Enlightenment to help the world and humanity. Also, the Divine will give you a special ability to neutralize things through the energy transfer to help, to return back to the Divine. 


In order to participate in this course, you are required to have already completed the following seminars:
06-HUE Oriental Philosophy

Suggested Reading(s)

As a recommendation for the 07-HUE Applying Spiritual Science I, it is suggested to read the following book(s) that introduce you to the topics of e.g. spirituality, universal energy, frequencies of our thoughts, meditation and stress. These books are available in hardcover and paperback format. You can order them after you apply for this course.

HUE Faculty, Inc. L16 Transcript from 2005. (2nd ed). 2020.

HUE Faculty, Inc. Spiritual Teaching in Human-Universal Energy (Mekong Article). (2nd ed). 2020.

HUE Faculty, Inc. L19 Transcript of 2007. (1st ed). 2020.


Practice, Study and Apply

The successful application of the 07-HUE Applying Spiritual Science I has a minimum of 3 requirements:

  1. Practice everyday going out into the infinite space.
  2. Combining with increased capacity.
  3. Prepare the UE Water and UE Remedy for daily use.

You can reinforce your daily practice and application of the Human-Universal Energy method by using the following:

Daily Application of your Techniques

Student Accomplishment Checklist

Success Journal


Next level

After completing this course and you feel the necessity to continue your spiritual development to help and love humanity, we suggest you to continue the development and activation of the pineal and pituitary glands by enrolling in the next level of 08-HUE Applying Spiritual Science II. This level enables you to increase your capacity for going out into space with an unlimited ability to merge. 

Check out our calendar for our scheduled courses.

Please, practice and apply this level so you have the energy strength to help others. 


Audit the 07-HUE Applying Spiritual Science I at least once during your spiritual development.