Mekong Study Meeting

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Trung Luong

In 2007, Master Dang handed out a copy of the Mekong Article to all the students of Level 19 (now, the 07-HUE Applying Spiritual Science I course) before going to the Level 20 seminar (now the 08-HUE Applying Spiritual Science II course) in their respective destinations. He used this information to prepare the students for the highest level of the HUE teaching. There are many profound and valuable information in spirituality that will prepare you for the philosophy of the 08-HUE course. 

This meeting is designed to prepare 07-HUE students for the final transition to become a 08-HUE student and a life-long HUE practitioner. Students will be studying the Mekong Article by Master Dang as a final project to prepare the 07-HUE student to receive the newest lesson. Additionally, students will be prepared ahead of time (with regards to supplies needed) to apply the special 08-HUE warm water techniques on the first day of the 08-HUE Applying Spiritual Science II course.

The content will be delivered in the form of study groups: 3 sessions of 2 hours each.

I advise you to love the very bad people, bad people, to help them, because they had sacrificed the noble part of a human being in order to create the low thing, the evil thing, as lessons for humanity to learn and evolve, and their body sometimes did not know that, they are working for God.” — Mr. Luong Minh Dang (Mekong Article, 2007).


This meeting is a preparatory session to all participants who are enrolled in a future 08-HUE Applying Spiritual Science II course. In order to be eligible to participate, you must have already completed the following courses and seminars:
07-HUE Applying Spiritual Science I

Enrolled and accepted in the course 08-HUE Applying Spiritual Science II


It is highly recommended to register for this meeting, as it includes all the detailed preparations for the 08-HUE Applying Spiritual Science II course, the last course of the last level in the HUE Program structure.