Revisit of Techniques for 07-HUE Graduates

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Trung Luong

The revisiting of the techniques is for HUE Students who have taken this specific course many years ago and who would like to revisit the material that was covered so they can start practicing and applying the course they took many years ago, effectively. This meeting is also recommended for any students who would like to reassure themselves of the correct implementation of their HUE Techniques. 

During the 07-REV for students who graduated the 07-HUE course, we will be revisiting the following:

  • Practice going out into space
  • Clear distractions during your practice
  • Increase your capacity of Merging
  • Keeping your ego under control
  • Prepare the UE Water & UE Remedy

So, the school of Universal Energy was born and its purpose is that  ‘Man helps man, apart from man, no one can help man.” – Mr. Luong Minh Dang (Level 16 Seminar, 2007)


In order to participate in this course, you are required to have already completed the following course:
07-HUE Applying Spiritual Science I


This meeting is recommended for students of this course who want to perfect the application of the 07-HUE course techniques. This is for you to have positive results every time that you apply according to the philosophy and method of the HUE School.

Additionally, you can also schedule an appointment for the HUE Coaching program. Click here for details.