As soon as we are born we have to comply with certain requirements. We get a name, a nationality, a social security number that’s depending on the region we are born into. Religion has already been decided by our parents, caretakers, or social workers. Sometimes before we get home we already have all the toys and books that were chosen for our educational development. But what about our spiritual development. As soon as we start growing up we begin to slowly forget our true identity, our true self. As we grow up we are being introduced to the 4 factors. We are thought as we grow up who to trust, what to be afraid of. How we are supposed to behave and look according to society. Schools keep our learning records which determine our future. The anxiety of graduating is instilled in us.
I remember a teacher that thought me a great lesson. I must have been in my early teens when I was struggling at school with a couple of my classes, but I was especially failing in her class. She told my mother during a parent night that I’m not progressing that I will fail and that my mother should consider transferring me to another school for kids with learning difficulties because I was slow and I was not going to graduate. My parents told me the possibility of having to go to another school and I promised them I would do my best. One day as I was struggling to understand what the teacher was explaining she called me stupid and made fun of me in class. I must admit at that moment I felt very sad. I remember I prayed for help at that moment. And something happened while I was quietly sitting there in class. I thought I truly wanted to be a good student. I suddenly felt this inner strength come over me and I was no longer sad. I just knew what I was going to do. I felt determined that I was going to excel. From that day on it took me many sacrifices, because I had to put aside all the distractions (TV, video games, etc.) and completely focus on my studies. But I was too determined to think about the distractions honestly. I studied till late. And on other days I slept very early and woke up very early in the morning to study because those were the very quiet times I could concentrate better. And I kept going for months like that. At the end of the last semester, I get my report card and to my surprise and to many of my teacher’s surprise I did excel. My mother went to the parent’s school night, and she told me when she came back home, that she was asked at school what I was doing because I managed to get my grades up in the class I was failing but also got my grades up in all the other classes, which was almost unheard of especially in the last semester. The great lesson the teacher thought me was that I had all that I needed inside of me to succeed. Hadn’t the teacher pushed me I would have never reached inside for that inner strength. Sometimes it gets comfortable and being passive is easier than being active. We all have that spiritual strength inside of us. Do not let the outside tell you who you are. Make sure you know your true self.
How do we know when we are in our true selves?
The purest essence of love lives inside our hearts. It’s our soul that is our true self. When we are not entertaining the 4 factors (fear, worry, overthinking, and anxiety) we are in our true selves. When we are connected to the master’s soul and using our technique to help humanity we are our true selves. We need to reconnect with the highest power, the higher frequency. In doing so we will have the spiritual strength to fulfill our mission. We will be able to discern between what’s real and false. And what’s temporary and eternal. For so long since we were very little we have been told what’s right and wrong. When we are in our true self we will have the understanding that all is one. Talk to your soul.

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