Food for thought

We have heard countless people say it before; “people are made of two parts: the body and the soul.” However, in the materialistic world, people are mostly concerned with the body while paying little to no attention to the soul. We feed the body every day so we can stay alive, some people go as far as eating only non-GMO, gluten-free meals with as little carbohydrates as possible to stay healthy. But answer this question honestly; when was it the last time that you fed your soul?

The soul is also hungry, it also needs to be fed. It came to earth to fulfill its purpose and it is very patient with you by presenting valuable lessons to help guide you to achieve your mission. However, if the body becomes too distracted by factors such as: family, culture, society, and religion, it will simply find another body that is capable to help it with its mission. A lot of people tend to forget that the soul does not need the body to survive, but it is the body that needs the soul.

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