5 minutes

Sometimes, we would like to believe that as HUE students, we cannot and should not entertain negative emotions when they appear. And while this is the ultimate goal, sometimes there are times that we do feel angry, upset, or frustrated. The true test is how quickly you bounce back from the situation, in other words, how quickly we decide to start applying to change the case for all of humanity, not just ourselves. Master Dang said that ideally as HUE practitioners we should overcome these emotions within 5 minutes. Not a week, not one day, not a couple of hours, we only need 5 minutes.

All of us have an “angel” in our lives that knows how to push our buttons quickly; making us angry or upset. However, we should start reminding ourselves to not dwell in our emotions for long and take the time to apply in the moment with the intention to change the situation for every living creature.

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