Living in a meditative state

We are like athletes who finished one part of the race and now we continue training in water to have the strength to continue the rest of the race, meaning we’re training in the infinite space where there is no time nor space to enlighten our being, everything is happening simultaneously, there is no pause in the flow, so the race never stopped. Our light will continue to shine brighter as together we work towards being in a constant state of meditation.

Since the basic level our practice of meditation is with eyes open, because we live our lives with eyes open. Meditating with eyes closed may feel relaxed and one is inclined to want to close the eyes yet in the HUE school the meditation we do is not for our personal comfort, we meditate with a bigger purpose at heart that is to help all. We learn how to apply true love and compassion for the totality.

Practice is one of three important pillars of the HUE school, whether we practice meditating with eyes open by ourselves or in a group, this is a must we should do as often as possible to work towards achieving continuously being in a state of meditation. Loosing sensation is a good indicator that we are doing it right. By practicing we are learning how to silence our mind and focus all our attention on top of our head to feel the presence of the divine. We need to continue training focus and remember to put an intention every time we lose focus. Practicing takes personal effort, determination and perseverance. When we are moving around in our daily lives, we have to train to have our engine on. Knowing for who we’re doing this for is essential. We cannot lie to the divine for the divine knows if we are working with a sincere heart.

Being in a constant state of calmness is a requirement to help in the moment, in accidents, catastrophes or situations. This requires a cultivation of the frequency. Practice diligently, like a muscle we gradually have to build it up so we can apply more effectively in the moment. We study together to ample our understanding and as we gain a deeper understanding we can practice and apply more efficiently. One cannot be without the others. We are continuously tuning up. Don’t get discourage.

We need to continue working on purifying our heart and conquering our mind.

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