Accepting Happily

We all want to be the divine’s instrument. We say it, sometimes we even sing about it beautifully. Yet when the time comes for us to be that perfect instrument, do we accept happily?

For when the soul uses the body we want to whine or criticize or be hard on ourselves. All the why’s come forth. Like, why me? Why now? Why do I have to do that? Why did this have to happen this way? Couldn’t I help in another way? Why do I feel this or that? etc.  It’s like we want to be the divine’s instrument but we want to determine how the divine should use us.

I want to share that the other day I was in a UE zoom meeting and out of the blue I felt compelled to raise my virtual hand and talk. For those who know me, know I really don’t like talking in crowds, when in a room I rather blend in with the drapes. But in that very moment I felt I had to share. After the zoom meeting all the why’s came forth and I spend some time doing the clearing technique to let go of what was bothering me. I decided to message my UE instructor and ask her for her guidance. She answered, that we all say we want to be the divine’s instrument but when our soul uses our body we want to judge instead of accepting happily. I heard those words before but I never really understood them, I didn’t grasp the meaning. I reflected on this for a while and asked my soul, what did bother me the other day. The answer that later came to me was, that I’m still busy with myself. Therefore, I’m still entertaining the ego, selfishness, it’s this borrowed mental energy that keeps us from developing our capacity to help mankind. I have to let go of the why’s and accept things happily as they come.

Yesterday during my lunchbreak, I unexpectantly decided to drive to go meditate in front of the antenna because I just felt I had to. And I accepted happily without afterward questioning the why’s. I just did what I felt I had to do even if it meant I would be a little late for work. As soon as I arrived back at work and opened the door of the building I knew why I had to go to do the meditation earlier. I am glad I listened to my soul.

Our beloved master said that in order to help others, we need to forget ourselves. I’m more aware of this and ask my soul to help me be more diligent so that I can be the perfect instrument. If we know who we really are, understand the impact we can and are making in the world, then there certainly will be nothing we can’t do. So there’s no need to dwell in doubt. When we are doing our life’s mission, meaning we are doing what we came here on earth to do then we will have the spiritual force inside us to become the perfect instrument of the divine. So let’s listen to our soul and accept happily. In everything we do, we do it for the benefit and interest of the whole.

Let’s forget ourselves, in doing so we can truly make a difference in the world.


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