Achieving Perfection for All

We have realized that our body is a temporary vessel, that serves as a transmitter, a channel connecting all living beings to the highest frequency. This energy flows and fills all spaces. To be a perfect channel we have to accept the truth, which is our spirituality, in doing so we accept that we are more than what we were taught by the four factors (society, culture, family, and tradition) and gradually surpass the fear that was instilled within us. We dare to go beyond our limitations, to break the boundaries of our minds. The meaning of the word “We” takes another meaning, for the truth of our spirituality is anchored in our heart, within the individual is a sea of soul cells waiting to be harmonized. With every breath, we consciously bring order to the whole for the benefit of All.

The plan of the divine is simple and precise, we can see it illustrated in the image of our soul. There are 3 pillars we need to strengthen diligently, in doing so three is one and one is zero. Every pillar fortifies the other, therefore we practice together to raise the consciousness so we can apply correctly and study together regularly in doing so we expand our understanding and our perception. We use the means provided and when it’s time to adapt or let go of these means, we do so willingly without attachments. Human Universal Energy is dynamic. We go with the flow of the energy as it’s constantly evolving. We willingly strive to become a better version of ourselves in every moment to contribute with a sincere heart for the benefit of all.

Together we continue to expand this divine spark that’s deep within us so that all the sparks around the globe may shine brighter each time and finally one day merge to form an immense mass of light. The fact is that our soul already knows what to do at the moment, our bodies need to catch up quickly and so as we work for our bodies to become lighter, consequently more ultra cells will cover our body to continue to strengthen the soul till one day it will cover us entirely, meaning the soul and body finally working harmoniously together in perfect tune.

There is nothing more important than this great task appointed by the divine to those with a sincere heart. Our responsibility is to plant the seed of love in the hearts of mankind so that people can help people. The practitioners that put in personal effort and have courage will move forward and will have favorable circumstances to continue the work. The results of tomorrow are determined by the actions of today. Conquering the mind therefore is an absolute must to have total focus on the intentions at the moment. Bringing forth the purest air here on earth is the true love of people helping people, redirecting all creation in one direction to continue the process of evolution to transcend into becoming a new being of kindness with one consciousness.

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