Humans helping Humans

The HUE slogan has always been “Humans helping Humans”, and for many years I took it to heart. I always tried to be the “helpful” one at home, school, work, and even in my group of friends. I was always disposed to lend a hand, if necessary, to the point of over-extending my help to the point of exhaustion, or as we now call it a “burnout”. And I only used meditation as a form of relieving my stress to “help” more.
What I have overlooked was that “Humans helping Humans, is not ONLY the act of doing community service, making donations, or giving a shoulder to cry on when someone needs it. It is primarily about helping the souls in the spiritual world, through the method of applying. Moreover, helping someone in the material world, for me at least, fueled my EGO. Getting and enjoying the recognition of doing something seemingly selfless, was selfish on my part. To be truly selfless is to be an unknown soldier and help the ones in need for the benefit of all through the method of your HUE application.
As hard as it is to admit, I was so afraid of the new. I still held so much value to what I can see instead of focusing on the bigger picture. I would rather sign up for a beach clean-up and complain the whole day about the weather or the organization of the event, than just simply apply my technique with positive intentions for the betterment of humanity. What I did not realize at the time was by having all these negative thoughts while trying to help, was causing more harm than good. Having these Automatic Negative Thoughts (ANTs) in your head constantly, multiplies it for all of humanity. What I should have done was go in with a more positive mindset and apply constantly to multiply the positivity. Only then Humans are truly helping humans.

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