Our responsibility

In the midst of a situation make personal effort to apply yet don’t take the situation personally. Whatever happens in front of us is an opportunity for us to apply to transmute the old frequencies into the new highest frequency in all time and space. We must step up. If we do not apply continuously, we are not contributing, we are not stopping the suffering that has reign on earth for more than thousands and thousands of decades.

Continuously we apply our technique according to our level. Set an intention. Remember we are doing it for the benefit and interest of all mankind. Stay focused. For whatever is happening in front of us we can change. We can help a bad person become good and a good person become better. We can help bring forth the virtues of mankind, help mankind remember their true nature. It’s our responsibility.

As a situation unfolds in front of us in a flash, we have to accept the responsibility. Every time we make a conscious decision and choose to apply continuously, we are making the world a better place.

Unlike those morning cartoons of superhero vs villain, the illusion that we have been shown that we must wait for someone else to come and save us, now we understand we are the ones who have the responsibility to do the job. We have the responsibility to transmute the old frequencies into the new highest frequency. By doing this we are helping humanity.

Acknowledge the power within, cultivate it, then you will be able to make a difference in the world regardless of the situation at hand.

Visualize how you want the world to be, before it becomes, knowing you already changed it. Have no doubt, think that you already changed it. Doubt is a soul that we need to transmute.

The challenge is applying during the chaos and loud noises of our active world. Amid it all, be silent inside and you will be able to capture the truth, coming directly from the divine. Become the perfect instrument.

See the world for what it is, not for what they have shown you it to be. We need to let go of the limitations that blinds us so we can make a difference and change our reality.  Remember your vow to help mankind.


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