Being Active in a Passive State in Every Moment.

I was in a situation where things got out of hand because of a miscommunication. I was upset about it because I didn’t want things to escalate. But in my wanting to help I focused on the outside, trying to fix the problem on the outside and guess what? It backfired. As I was reflecting on that situation later that day, I wanted to kick myself, because I wasn’t in my application as diligently as I should have. After taking a moment to clear my mind I decided to also talk to my soul. I was shown the precise moment it all went wrong that day, by not being active in my application I wasn’t able to help the situation. I confess it wasn’t easy knowing I could have prevented the whole situation.

Later that week I was in a meeting and as I was seeing and hearing what was unfolding at the table I remained in my technique, I just focused on my heartbeat. It felt incredibly calm and silent, I chose to ignore the outside, to not react to the situation in front of me as I was absently typing on my iPad. I continued doing my technique in silence. And the situation passed like a silent breeze. Everyone at the table carried on and what could have been an explosion, the purpose behind it, died down at the table.

From these two situations, even though on the first situation I wasn’t at my best, I feel I learned a lesson from both situations. I strive to become a better version of myself. I see something good came from both situations as I move on. We only have the now and learning how to be a better version of ourselves in the moment for the next situation that present itself. One thing is certain applying continuously is the only state of being.

It takes personal effort on our part, but know that we can in the moment change the world by using our technique. Whether we’re in a classroom, at work, at a conference, taking care of the house chores etc. Don’t wait for the right time to apply. The right time is in the now, in whatever we are doing in the moment.

If we apply constantly with a sincere heart and for the benefit and interest of all mankind, then certainly we will walk in the divine’s grace in whatever we do and wherever we go. And bring the divine’s infinite love here on earth for all.

Practice. Study. Apply continuously from the moment you wake up.

Don’t get discouraged.

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