Conquer yourself

We need to set a time in our daily schedule to practice to clear our thoughts, this is crucial. Meditate every day. Apply continuously during the day. Otherwise, it would be impossible to be in peace and tranquility.
Have you suddenly felt irritated, angry, or anxious? Have you for no reason snapped at someone around you. A coworker tells you something and you snap. Or you’re feeling suddenly incredibly angry at your wife or kids. Please remember to handle your emotions. Meaning using your technique to calm yourself. Don’t walk around angry, immediately take care of practicing your technique, meditate. Do your breathing exercise, drink a glass of ice-cold water, pace around the room or hall to release the tension, and if you’re still feeling angry go to sleep. Just like a computer you shut down and go to sleep. When you wake up you’ll feel calmer. Another example that also comes up a lot is anxiety: Have you felt anxious to double-check or triple-check, that you turned off the stove? Or that your car is locked? And after you have checked you walk away feeling still a little unsure that you did turn off the stove or lock your car. Be aware of what’s in your mind.
Thoughts are powerful. Remember that thoughts are souls. For example, God forbid that one day you enter the kitchen and find the dirty dishes that your spouse promised to wash the night before. Just a look from you with a nasty thought does the same damage as harmful words, it cuts as sharp as the blade of a knife. So make sure you have a calm mind. Do your breathing exercises. You have the techniques to calm the mind. We need to be in the constant application during the whole day. Had you been in your application continuously than any situation that presented in front of you, you would have been able to handle it more quickly because you would have been calmer. So make sure that your mind is silent and always active with your application. Your spouse will do the dishes in time without you having to ask. Just apply and don’t sit and wait for him to do it. Just let go of expectations. Conquer yourself first then you will never have to ask your spouse to do the dirty dishes.
Words are powerful. For example, at work, a group of coworkers starts gossiping about another colleague’s short dress. Can you imagine how many thoughts, souls, are coming in and out, it’s like a Mardi gras, a carnival up there in the mind. When gossiping the voice carries a frequency that can be very damaging for both the ones who are doing the gossiping as for the person they’re gossiping about. Let alone the harm they are all doing to the environment. Please don’t entertain gossiping. Energy flows where the attention goes.
Sometimes we think and talk too much. We argue too much about anything and everything. Let’s not create with our words and thoughts unnecessary chaos or create a suffocating environment for our loved ones and all those around us. Let’s take responsibility. Silence your mind. We need to work on the inside to change the outside. Conquer yourself and you’ll bring harmony to your environment.
‘The Whole is within The Individual and The Individual is within The Whole.’

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