Why is meditation essential

Do you meditate regularly?
From the basic level it has been emphasized that students should take time to meditate for at least five minutes up to a maximum of thirty minutes.
My HUE Facilitator once explained that there was this misunderstanding when it comes to meditation. Because it is believed that in order to meditate you need to be in a perfect place. Meaning that it is believed you must be in a majestic scenery like the Himalayas, such a special place with abundance of green pastures, with the tones of the bells echoing in the background in total silence with nature. It is believed that only then you can be in your Zen meditating in harmony with the singing of the birds in open space, that is until a bird flies too close and drops poop on your head. Then in a fraction of a second you will jump up and curse the bird for doing what it does in its natural element. The point is that you don’t need to have a special place to meditate.
Now we understand that universal energy is dynamic. Meaning that during the daily continuous noise and activity of our lives, our minds have to be active with our application. Because it is in this element we live daily and it is in there that we have to apply and practice constantly to bring the change that will benefit all mankind.
Take time to calm your soul. While you are sitting in the car waiting for your kids to come out of school, while you are waiting for the food to cook in the oven or at work take five or ten minutes to go in the restroom to meditate. Nobody needs to know what you are doing. Take time to meditate more than once during the day. The best moment to meditate is early in the morning before you start your day. Focus on one point while you are meditating with eyes open, don’t pay attention to outside noise. What you need to focus on is the noise that’s coming from the inside. In the basic level we learned a technique to let all thoughts come up and to purify the mind. Imagine the image of Master Luong Minh Dang inside you, imagine his mole on the right side of your face, every time a thought comes up you use your technique according to your level to purify your mind. Empty your cup.
All levels of the HUE school have the technique to purify the mind, to empty the mind so that the application can be more effective. Because what is worth having the frequency and all the knowledge of philosophy but at the moment of application your mind is full of thoughts, then no matter how well you know your technique in theory you won’t be able to help anybody, not even yourself.
So let’s take time to meditate diligently during the day so we can make a difference in the well-being of all mankind.

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