What’s new??

  • Student Manuals and Workbooks for level 01-HUE through 08-HUE.
  • HUE Facilitator’s Manual of level 01-HUE
  • Introducing the revisit of every course, and personal coaching at your HUE level.

HUE faculty is eager to announce the launch of the student manuals and workbooks of 01 HUE through 08 HUE levels. These books are filled with application techniques given by Master Luong Minh Dang, for a range of day-to-day challenges that a HUE-practitioner faces and much more.

Furthermore, the HUE Facilitator’s Manual of 01 HUE is also ready for publication. The facilitator training together with the facilitator manual will prepare you to be able to facilitate The HUE Basic level yourself.

This year, the faculty is planning to launch various new ways for a HUE student, who feels a bit lost with their practice to fully understand their technique. Usually, it is recommended to audit your current HUE level understand it better. However, now we have two other unique ways to reach the same goal. These two options are called; Revisiting and HUE coaching. To better understand the differences,  you can find a summary below.



Two-day refresher course of your current HUE level focusing on refining your practice and application technique. It allows you to ask specific questions concerning your HUE level.

  • Shorter course compared to auditing
  • Learn from group interaction
  • Opportunity to ask specific question unlike Auditing

 HUE Coaching

Schedule an appointment with Mr. Luong Minh Trung that will guide you with your practice and application based on your current HUE level. This is to become a better HUE practitioner, to apply your techniques effectively.

  • Schedule it on your own time
  • One-on-one meeting


Experience a deep dive into HUE’s philosophy with a deeper understanding of master’s original materials of your HUE level and you can verify if you have the correct techniques of your level.

  • A deeper understanding of Master’s materials
  • Learn from group interaction
  • Receiving the latest frequency that has been generated

If you are interested in one of these courses, do not hesitate to enroll via our website in what specific course you are interested in and we will get back to you with more information. Click here to enroll!

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