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We are like athletes who finished one part of the race and now we continue training in water to have the strength to continue the rest of the race, meaning we’re training in the infinite space where there is no time nor space to enlighten...
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We have realized that our body is a temporary vessel, that serves as a transmitter, a channel connecting all living beings to the highest frequency. This energy flows and fills all spaces. To be a perfect channel we have to accept the truth, which is...
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Sometimes, we would like to believe that as HUE students, we cannot and should not entertain negative emotions when they appear. And while this is the ultimate goal, sometimes there are times that we do feel angry, upset, or frustrated. The true test is how...
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We all want to be the divine’s instrument. We say it, sometimes we even sing about it beautifully. Yet when the time comes for us to be that perfect instrument, do we accept happily? For when the soul uses the body we want to whine...
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In the midst of a situation make personal effort to apply yet don’t take the situation personally. Whatever happens in front of us is an opportunity for us to apply to transmute the old frequencies into the new highest frequency in all time and space....
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