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In the midst of a situation make personal effort to apply yet don’t take the situation personally. Whatever happens in front of us is an opportunity for us to apply to transmute the old frequencies into the new highest frequency in all time and space....
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This year, the HUE FACULTY® introduced a new conference: HUE philosophy.  The HUE president, Mr. Luong Minh Trung, and co-facilitator, Ms. Belquis Moreu present various topics of Master’s teachings in the way that he intended; by utilizing the method of study-practice-apply. This event takes place every first...
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As soon as we are born we have to comply with certain requirements. We get a name, a nationality, a social security number that’s depending on the region we are born into. Religion has already been decided by our parents, caretakers, or social workers. Sometimes...
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I was in a situation where things got out of hand because of a miscommunication. I was upset about it because I didn’t want things to escalate. But in my wanting to help I focused on the outside, trying to fix the problem on the...
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Epictetus once said: “Men are disturbed not by things, but by the view they take of them.” In other words, it is not an event that has a negative impact on you, its how you perceive the event. An example could be getting stuck in...
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