Living in a meditative state

Nowadays we are so used to reacting to a situation instead of taking a proactive approach. We see something happening in front of us, we form opinions about the situation (which causes more harm), we wait until we get home, then we try to do our application techniques to better the situation for all of humanity. Moreover, we usually meditate or apply our techniques to better the situations that we perceive as bad, and we do not really use our application for what we perceive as good.
But why do we have to label everything as good or bad, why can’t it simply be?
We need to start applying our techniques to everything we perceive: to live in a meditative state. This means in other words: applying continuously. Send energy to the alarm clock that woke us up in the morning, to the cup of coffee we drink, to our children, to the houses we pass by while on our way to work, to our bosses, but also to our thoughts and our emotions. Good or bad. To be continuously applying is the only way to help all of humanity.
You might think to yourself that this little task is very easy. However, I encourage you to apply continuously from now on for yourself. It might not be as easy as you originally thought.
As Master once said: these techniques are very simple, however, they are not easy.
Question for reflection: What is the difference between simple and easy?

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