October 2022


Sometimes, we would like to believe that as HUE students, we cannot and should not entertain negative emotions when they appear. And while this is the ultimate goal, sometimes there are times that we do feel angry, upset, or frustrated. The true test is how quickly you bounce back from the situation, in other words,...
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Todos queremos ser el instrumento de lo divino. Lo decimos, a veces incluso lo cantamos maravillosamente. Sin embargo, cuando llega el momento de ser ese instrumento perfecto, ¿aceptamos felizmente? Porque cuando el alma utiliza el cuerpo queremos quejarnos o criticar o ser duros con nosotros mismos. Surgen todos los porqués. Como, ¿por qué yo? ¿Por...
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We all want to be the divine’s instrument. We say it, sometimes we even sing about it beautifully. Yet when the time comes for us to be that perfect instrument, do we accept happily? For when the soul uses the body we want to whine or criticize or be hard on ourselves. All the why’s...
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