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Good morning, afternoon and evening to all, Starting on Friday, 1 July 2022, we will have updated protocols for all HUE Students who wish to join us for meditations, study groups, classes and any other HUE Event via ZOOM. Carefully read through the notice and...
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The HUE slogan has always been “Humans helping Humans”, and for many years I took it to heart. I always tried to be the “helpful” one at home, school, work, and even in my group of friends. I was always disposed to lend a hand,...
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Isn’t it strange that many people recycle old ideas to resolve “problems” that have been here for centuries? Some even say that everything that could be invented has already been invented. But if that were true, why are still millions of people sick, depressed, angry,...
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We need to set a time in our daily schedule to practice to clear our thoughts, this is crucial. Meditate every day. Apply continuously during the day. Otherwise, it would be impossible to be in peace and tranquility. Have you suddenly felt irritated, angry, or...
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Do you meditate regularly? From the basic level it has been emphasized that students should take time to meditate for at least five minutes up to a maximum of thirty minutes. My HUE Facilitator once explained that there was this misunderstanding when it comes to...
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